Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Wee Wilson's- Foolin' Around on April Fools

Has it really been this long since I put up a post!? Gee, I wonder why...maybe it's because we've been scrambling to get ready to plant our crop, or yet another round of the flu bug came through, or we took some time to celebrate the Easter season and that our risen Lord has freed us from sin, or perhaps, it was because I decided that the piles of laundry and dishes just HAD to go...I think it was a little of all of these, but either way, I'm putting up a few fun posts of our family being just us these past few weeks.

Here are a few fun pics of the Wee Wilson's fooling around on April Fools!  April Fools isn't just any day around here, it is my dear Grandpa Thomas' birthday, and although we miss him dearly, I know he is getting such a kick out of watching these little hooligans from heaven :)

Retro 80's boy.

Yep, that lasted about three seconds.

C.W.  jumped in for a kiss. That didn't go so well.  Oh, and my children are walking billboards on any given day. Want your business advertised? Just give them temporary tattoos! Fun Fact: Bobcat's are made in Gwinner, North Dakota. See :) 

I think he enjoys conversation from a bit of a distance instead of being covered in girl germs :)

This is the "I can't believe you made me wear polka dot GIRL sunglasses, Mama!" face.

The wee redhead couldn't bear the sound of sister and brother having so much fun without her, so she decided to join the party :)
 Did you get fooled on April Fools Day? I did: C.W. told me, "Mama, today you get a nap!...APRIL FOOLS!"  She was right. No nap, but lots of laughs.

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  1. Aren't kids just the most wonderful thing ever? Even when they are older, like mine, they continue to amaze me with their humor and goofiness!!!

    1. THANKS for your comment! I can't wait to see what they come up with next! Oh what joy these years will hold!