Friday, May 28, 2010

Hotel For Hogs

Friday night is family movie night here at the Wilson home. Each week we head to our wonderful local library and rent a movie, which has already been paid for by our tax dollars!

This week's selection is "Hotel for Dogs", a cute little flick about a bunch of kids who adopt dogs and put them up in an abandoned hotel. One little inventor designs all sorts of gadgets to help take care of the dogs, including a self-feeder, a "poop disposal system", and all sorts of other things to provide "creature comforts".

I think I would have been more impressed, had I not already known that many of these impressive inventions are already at use everyday in animal agriculture, and have been for years, courtesy of the innovation of the American farmer.

Check out this video on a modern day "Hotel for Hogs", operated by Chris Chinn and her family in Missouri.

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