Friday, September 3, 2010

Birthday on the Funny Farm

A few days ago, I was awakened the morning of my birthday by Jeremy, aka Super Husband, and my three year old daughter, C.W., serenading me over a platter of flaming cupcakes. The candles melted down to nearly nothing because C.W. broke into the encore of "are ya 1?...are ya 2?...are ya 3?" and continued until she reached my age. Can't believe we didn't burn the house down!

As I rubbed the sleep from my eyes and they began to focus, I noticed that Jeremy had spelled out "S-A-R-A-H I-S O-L-D" in icing letters on the cupcakes. Ah yes, my jokester husband. He's such a punk, but hey, the man made me cupcakes! AND he manned the fort and worked his tail off on our farm while I was gallavanting around Chicago this past week at a conference. He was definately scoring some points, even with the smarty pants message on the cupcakes :)

Then the fun began. C.W. instructed me to stay in bed, while she ran to get my presents. The two of them marched back in with FOUR packages, all wrapped up, emblazened with scribbles. It was apparent that the wee red head, my one year old daughter who was still snoozing, had assisted with Operation Mama's Birthday.

C.W. was nearly beside herself with excitment and cheering me on open my gifts. As I unwrapped the first one, I discovered the ballet slippers I had ordered for her. She was ecstatic! Jeremy noticed my confused look and while giggling, blurted out "We wrapped up everything that came in the mail this week while you were in Chicago! Hurry up and open them, we've been dying to know what they all are!"

At this point, we were all laughing pretty hard, and I continued to unwrap. Next came the shoes I had ordered for my upcoming trip to Germany, then came a book I had ordered for the wee red head. C.W. was elated to be in on a surprise for sister. Last was a flat package which turned out to be the owners manual to my new Dyson vacuum cleaner!

Now before you sigh and think "oh that dunce got his wife a vacuum for her birthday", I want to tell you that I have REALLY been wanting a new vacuum, as I've been limping along the one I got in college for years and now it's officially broken. Also, the night before my birthday he arranged for a sitter to stay extra late, picked me up at the airport when I got home from Chicago and we had a romantic dinner at our local Mexican restaurant, La Carreta.

Jeremy hit my birthday out of the park!

What I really wanted for my birthday was a good laugh (check!), a sweet treat (we broke all the rules and ate cupcakes for breakfast- check!), a reminder of the multitude of blessings the Lord has given me (check!), and I was really hoping for something special from my children. Let me tell you, the image of my daughter's beautiful face in the candlelight, framed by her golden locks of hair, while she sang to me was the best gift a mother could ask for (check!).

THANK YOU to my Super Husband for being my hero :) I'm looking forward to spending many more birthday's with him on the Funny Farm :)


  1. Love your birthday fun story. Awesome mom memories!

  2. Sounds like an amazing birthday! Mine is next week, and I'm getting a lawn sweep (because that's what I wanted!), so I can totally relate to your practical vacuum gift. I would much rather get a nice thing to actually use then just look at! I think your husband could give mine a few pointers though...I usually have to drag mine away from the farm to go out on a date!! It was great meeting you in Chicago btw!

  3. Thanks for visiting Liz! It was great meeting you too! and Happy Birthday! So now you have me wondering what is a lawn sweep? Maybe just get some sheep/goats? LOL :)