Thursday, August 25, 2011

What is a Farmer?

This is my Mom and my Grandfather in November 1959, around the year this poem below was published :)
My Mom shared this with me. She is the daughter of a dairyman and a retired farmer's wife. When I asked her where she got it she said, " I don't know, but it's old. I think it was from something from the Maryland Extension Service. The original is on yellowed paper with worn edges." She guessed it was from the 1960's. So enjoy this oldie, but goodie, with an anonymous author. THANKS MOM!
Well, that depends entirely on where you stand.
To his wife, he's a big eater, heavy sleeper, someone to share hopes and dreams with.
To his minister, he's a believer in God in nature, and nature in God.
To a politician, he's someone you talk about during elections.
To a businessman, he's a customer.
To the banker, he's a depositor.
To his neighbor, he's a friend.
To his children, he's a man who always has a chore for them.
To his dog, he's a man with a quiet voice.
To the grocer, he's a Godsend.
To the dairy cooperative, he's the owner.
To the insurance agent, he's a big risk.
To the mechanic, he's a mechanical wizard who fixes things himself.
To the doctor, he's a physical wonder.
And to himself, well, only he can tell you that---but chances are, he won't.
You see, it depends entirely on how you look at him.
Actually, the farmer is all of these---and more.
For one thing, he's just about as close to being an independent business as one can be these days. The farmer is pretty much his own boss, and what he makes, he makes by the sweat of his own brow. Each year he has to gamble with nature as to whether or not he will have a crop. If nature wins, the farmer loses- if the farmer wins, then nature has been kind.
He's quite a man, this farmer of ours.
- Anonymous


  1. Thanks for sharing! I have heard and read this before, but I love it each time!

  2. The line that gets me is, "Only he can tell you that -- but chances are, he won't." We need more farmers and ranchers to tell their stories, just like you and Katie! I am so grateful to have women out there like you who are willing to share! THANK YOU!!!

  3. Great little verse! If you ask my dad what he is he just says he's happy... haha

    Thanks and i'm glad to "meet" you! found you via the rural women rock facebook page!


  4. I've never heard this before, but it's as true today as it was then. The way of farming has changed much, though, hasn't it?

  5. Glad you all liked it! Yes, I'd say farming methods have changed substantially, but the core principals of stewardship of God's creation are still the same.

  6. Thanks for sharing this Sarah! Even though it's an older poem, it really does fit my hubby to a T.

  7. You're welcome Daniela! Pretty amazing how the values farmers have are so similar across generations. Simply good people.