Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Family Photos From a Talented Friend

I consider myself very fortunate to have such great friends in my life, especially Mrs. Tonya Perkins of Pauly James Photography (
Twice a year she comes on over to our home or travels out to our farm fields where she captures the most amazing images of my family. She has a knack for wrangling wiggling kiddos and has even teetered on our pickup tailgate to get just the right shot.
Now of course I think my kids are cute and my husband is a handsome feller, but Tonya has this great eye and I am always pleasantly surprised at the photographs that are the result of her sharing her talents with us and how good she makes us look!
If you're looking for a GREAT photographer in the Jamestown, North Dakota area- CALL TONYA!
Here are the some of the most recent fruits of her labor.
Our baby boy surprised us by arriving a month early, so these were taken ONE day before he arrived. Yes, I had to pause between shots for contractions :)
Our "C.W.", age 4 1/2. Always the professional.
"The wee red head", age 2 1/2. Sweet and stubborn, all in one package :)
"Sisters, sisters, there were never such devoted sisters..." (from White Christmas, one of our favorite family movies!)
The Farmer's Daughters. I hope and pray they each get to marry a man that is as much of a prince to them as their Papa is to me.
My big girl. Oh how time flies.
The whole crew!
...And there's the belly! Wowzers!
Now that our baby boy is 6 weeks old, I guess it's about time I get some baby pics on here!
Thanks for stopping by!
Sarah :)

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  1. Sarah, thanks for sharing these photos--a day away from delivering and you still look like the dairy princess you are! Those girlies are growing so fast. Adorable.