Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Happy National Agriculture Day!

In 1920, J. Harry and Susan Wilson, Jeremy's great grandparents (below), settled where we still farm today.

We are busy raising not only the fifth generation on the Wilson Farm, but also food (corn, wheat, soybeans) and fuel (ethanol) for YOUR family.

If you did the following today...
- Ate food
-Used ethanol to fuel your vehicle
-Wore cotton or wool clothing
-Or used one of the thousands of household, pharmaceutical, or health products derived from livestock and plants that a farmer has raised
...remember to THANK a farmer!
Take a few minutes to learn more about the History of Agriculture in the United States and take a gander at these videos to learn how far agriculture has come:

Have a great day!
Sarah :)

1 comment:

  1. Sarah! Great photo of you and your family! Love the 1920 photos also, do you have those hanging in your house? I think those old time hanging pictures are awesome to have of family members!
    And yep, I had lots of food today plus some wine! Cheers to farmers:)