Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My Baby Made Me Clean My Desk

This past week has been C-R-A-Z-Y!

I'm coordinating a conference that's 100 miles away next week and we've had everything from pinkeye, to the stomach flu, to chest colds, come through the house taking out one or more members of my family at a time.  Did I mention my dear husband (who I am very proud of) was out of town for three days while speaking at the Manitoba-North Dakota Zero Tillage Farmer's Association conference?

Here's what I looked like a few days ago:

(photo from

I was lovely, really lovely.  The bonus is that I only had pinkeye in ONE eye, so instead of looking totally albino, I just looked like I was in a bar fight. 

At one point last week, I commented that I had so many irons in the fire, I was surprised my whole desk hadn't burst into flames.

A friend commented back, that it was actually National Clean Off Your Desk Day.

It really was.

Ha...ha...ha... :-)

I thought, clean off my desk!? WHEN am I going to have time to do THAT!?

And then it happened.

Baby boy got his 6 months shots, was up all night Monday night with a fever and had to stay home from daycare yesterday. 

However, I still had a TON of work to get done.

So here's the view from my desk chair yesterday...

Oh you can't imagine the joy my litle assistant got from ripping papers off my desk and flinging them onto the floor, giggling/shrieking/squealing the whole time!

It was AMAZING how quickly I got my desk cleaned off and files put away that I've been wanting to file for months :)

He can't talk yet, but it was in fact, my baby that made me clean my desk.

Today, I breath a sigh of relief.  Baby is well again. Desk is clean.  Ahhhh.....

Now it's back to work for me!

Thanks for stopping by! - Sarah :)


  1. It's amazing what your children can help you accomplish!!!! :)

  2. I'd ask you to share him with me to encourage me to clean off my desk, but I'm afraid he might be injured in the process...some of the piles are pretty high!

  3. Debbie- I don't know about share, but I sure hope you get to meet him someday! We're planning a family trip to Kansas to try to learn more about the Wilson Family's history while they were farming in Kansas before they came to North Dakota.

    Know anybody near Salina?