Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Another Reason to Drink Milk!

One of my favorite publications is Disney's Family Fun Magazine.  There are TONS of ideas for, well, family fun....crafts, activities, recipes, etc.  Our local library has a subscription, so I get it read it for FREE!

In the past I have been disappointed in other family/parenting magazines for regurgitating misinformation and scare tactics from environmental and animal rights activist groups about food and agriculture.

That's why I nearly jumped for joy when I saw this recent article called "Another Reason to Drink Milk"!

THANK YOU Family Fun Magazine for sharing a POSITIVE story about milk! 

My family "back home" in Maryland raises dairy cattle and we graze dairy cattle here on our farm in North Dakota, so I know how hard dairy farmers work to get that milk from the cow to the kitchen table and how dedicated they are to making high quality products.

Featured on page 47 of the February 2012 issue of Family Fun Magazine!


  1. If you like that ad, you should know a lot of fitness professionals are now promoting chocolate milk as the best post-exercise/sports/work out drink out there. It's not news to me as a lot of serious weight lifters buy goats milk from me for their sports drink. Chocolate milk---better than Gatorade :) Google it and you'll see!
    Stevie @

  2. Hi Sarah- We were in the AFBR-YFR breakout session yesterday together!! Your blog looks great and I can't wait to start following you to learn more about farming in North Dakota!!! I also address is

    Hope you have a safe trip home,
    Mary Welden, Michigan!!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Mary! I'm looking forward to learning more about farming in Michigan from your blog!
      Sarah :)