Monday, July 9, 2012

"Cowgirl Up! Let's Go Ranching" is Another GREAT Addition to the Chaney Twins' Series of Books!

I've posted before about the WONDERFUL series of books being written by my friend, Rebeccca Long Chaney and her twin daughters, Rianna and Sheridan:

Today a case of books arrived at my door! It's the fourth installment in the Chaney Twin's series. I dropped everything and dove right in!

This time the Chaney girls were off on a Midwestern adventure to the Loos family ranch in Nebraska.

They learn lots of new lessons in animal care and as always, the pictures are gorgeous and the text is simple, educational, and entertaining.

Can't wait for story time with my own farm girls tonight!

I will have to be careful not to muss any of the these first copies I received though, because they're destined for the Accurate Ag Books activities during the 2013 North Dakota Farm Bureau Leadership Conference. One of the perks of my off-farm job is reviewing books for these activities :)

Gotta go! I need to place an order for my family to keep- Christmas is coming you know ;)

Happy Reading!
Sarah :)

p.s. For more information about the Accurate Ag Books program and for a list of other GREAT books to share with your friends and family, go to:

American Farm Bureau Federation Ag Foundation Book Database

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