Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Contest: Name the Triplet Calves, Win a Dairy Good Prize Package!

What an exciting day July 14th was!

TRIPLET calves arrived at the neighboring dairy farm, Entzminger Dairy!

We partner with Entzminger Dairy on our farm.  In the spring and fall, they bring a group of cattle over to graze on some of our land.

The Entzminger family and the employees on their farm take EXCELLENT care of their cattle and we're proud to work with them. Not only are healthy dairy products for my family made with the milk they produce, but their cattle also help keep our soil fertile to grow better crops.

Pretty great recycling program!

Entzminger Dairy also hosts many local school children each year on farm tours. 

So what are the chances of triplet Holstein calves? According to Holstein World, 1 in 105,000!

You can imagine how excited everyone at the dairy was when these little ones arrived!

My friend, Bobbi Entzminger, notified me on Facebook of this incredible birth and sent along some photos to share!

There are two heifers (girls), numbers 200 and 201.  At the dairy, cattle are individually identified with eartags so they can get the best treatment possible.

There was also a bull calf (male), as seen in the foreground.  Looks like one of his sisters has a case of the wiggles! Word spread pretty quickly about these wee ones and the dairy employees, including Armondo in the photo above, shared in the joy of their arrival! 

Cow number 931 (owned by Mitch Entzminger) is the dam (mother) and the sire (father) is bull 187691 Cobra from the Genex Cooperative.
That's a whole lot of calf to have carried for 9 months! They're so new in these two photos that they're just learning how to hold themselves up.  Pretty impressive that within minutes of being born, calves can stand up.

Here little 201 gets a check-up, while 200 looks on from her comfortable spot in the straw.  Each calf at the dairy (except these special little gals who get to hang out together) gets an individual pen with a bucket of fresh water every day. Over their first two months they will transition from being bottle fed milk to eating grain from a bucket.

To celebrate this special arrival, together with the Entzminger dairy family, I'm hosting a Calf Naming Contest. 

In the comment section below, leave your suggestions for the names of these calves (remember: two girls and a boy) and on August 6th, the Entzmingers will choose the winner of this MOOVELOUS prize package which has been so graciously donated by the Midwest Dairy Association!

Here is what is included, from left to right:

Dairy Makes Sense potholder, Chocolate Milk Sports Fuel information, Dairy Makes Sense lunch bag, Dairy Makes Sense pizza cutter, Recipe Cards (Pumpkin Pie Squares, Pulled Pork Tacos, Mozzarella Pepper Salsa, Blues Buster Smoothie, Pumpkin Pancakes, and Peanut Butter & Banana Breakfast Shake), 2 samples of Whey Protein, Whey protein informational pamphlet, Cow pen, Whey protein recipe cards and a Dairy Makes Sense blender bottle.


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Sarah :)

p.s You may also be interested in this poem, by dairy manager, Terry Entzminger:


  1. Not sure you got it the first time but Superman for the bull as he had to put up with those girls for 9 months
    Heart for #200 she has a heart on her head
    Inkblot for #201 as her tummy looks like an inkblot. Deb Hatlewick

  2. I like Winkin', Binkin' and Nod. (The boy would be Nod, as that is what any well mannered male would do around two fine ladies :) Staci Lee

  3. Jana would like to name them Woody, Buzz and Jessie. (Can you tell what's big in our house right now??)

  4. Ah yes, this sounds familiar :) Good choices! Keep those name nominations coming folks!

  5. I'm not sure what to name them, but as a twin mama, I'd want to give that Mama Cow a hug!

  6. How about a connection to the old comedy Three's Company with Janet, Crissy & Jack?

  7. Moses (Moo-ses), Mona (Moo-na), and Moreen (Moo-reen) a triplet momma I had to try AND say I know what you felt like haha

  8. Elbe, Eider, and Kiel. The main waterways in Holstine where the breed originates,

  9. We had triplets on our farm in March--2 heifers and a bull just like this set. We named them Snap, Crackle and Pop. (Pop was the bull calf, of course!) I hope these calves are just as healthy as ours have been! Good luck with them, and all the best to #931 (Mom!).

  10. Ceres (roman goddess of ag), Demeter (greek goddess of ag) and Zeus (head honcho of the gods)

  11. I would name them Entz, Ming and Grrrr. (Grrrr would be the boy, because that's the sound I hear the most from my boys.) ;) Val Wagner

  12. I would name the girls Wilykit and Wilykat and the boy would be Snarf