Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Our Farm is #WorthTheFight

I love agriculture with every cell in my body.  It is not just a vocation, but a calling.

(Photo by www.janiceperson.com )
Our children are the FIFTH generation on our farm.
Living and working on a farm is the best way I know how to raise a family, but it seems like more and more these days there are forces working against us.

From over-regulation, to misguided legislation, to activists with too much time and money on their hands, to ever-thinning profit margins, the challenges in farming today are many

However, like this awesome new tune called "Worth The Fight" by the band The Departed says (listen here), I'm going to keep "kicking and swinging".

Stand back folks, I've got my big girl gloves on...

because this life and our farm are worth the fight!

I don't do this for myself.  Believe me, it would be much easier to sit back, do things like they've always been done, and be apathetic to the threats to agriculture around the world. I'd get a lot more sleep and my house would be much cleaner (...maybe).

Instead, I have chosen to invest my time and efforts and fight for the legacy left by those that went before me.

Jeremy's Grandpa W.C. "Bill" Wilson, just after graduating from high school.

And for the opportunities for those that may choose to follow in my footsteps.
Hoping to inspire some future farmers :)

Check out these posts from my friends in agriculture that think it's #worththefight too!

Props to "Dairy Carrie" for putting this little campaign together:


My friend "just down the road" (about 60 miles), Val Wagner:


The man behind "I am Agriculture Proud", Ryan Goodman


A recent visitor to our farm, Janice Person

and there are many others so check out the Twitter hashtag #worththefight !

THANKS for stopping by and I hope you'll join me in the fight for the right to feed, clothe, and fuel our world.

Step 1: If you are a North Dakotan, Vote YES for Measure 3, www.ndfeedingfamilies.com

Sarah :)


  1. Love it! I added it my my list of links. Thanks for taking the time to write!

    1. Thanks Carrie! Great job on your post as well! It really is worth the fight!

  2. So happy to see a photo from my recent visit! :)

    1. Thanks Janice- you are very talented! So glad you were able to visit!

  3. Nice work! Love it! I may just have to start Tweeting....