Wednesday, December 19, 2012

When You Wear a Santa Hat to a Kindergarten Class...

This time of year we wear Santa hats around the house.  We have about a half dozen of them and they make appearances throughout the season...
Sometimes they're just fun for dress ups!

They're especially appropriate when decorating the tree...

Sometimes they're too big...

And they add a little flair to the "Man Cave", which my poor husband surrendered to the kids and it now holds a train table and a play kitchen, along with a collection of animals that have visited the taxidermist :)
So one day after doing some shopping online and shipping gifts to family out east, I thought that since I'd been "playing Santa" that day, I'd wear a Santa hat to pick up C.W., our six year old daughter, after school. 
I have to say this one surprised me.  And I've been giggling about it since, so although I try to keep this blog G-rated, here goes.
The kids always march up the steps from their classroom and meet the parents in the entryway of the school.
I was innocently standing there in my Santa hat, smiling, awaiting my daughter, when one of her classmates, a sweet little boy, exclaimed "C.W.'s Mom looks like a Ho Ho Ho!"
It was all myself and the other parents could do not to burst out laughing!
And there ya have it folks.  You never know what the reaction will be when you wear a Santa hat to a kindergarten class :) 
Sarah :)


  1. Once again, my are not alone. When our boy was learning to talk, he already loved horses and cowboys. But he couldn't say the last part of "horses". We were in church and he found a horse in his little toy bag. As our pastor read scripture, our boy yells "HOR HOR HOR, mama HOR HOR!"