Thursday, February 21, 2013

Carpet From Corn!

Yesterday something rare happened.  Perhaps even naughty.
Okay, really nothing naughty about it, but it felt wickedly good to break the rules of our "regularly scheduled life" :)
Jeremy and I skipped out on a conference we had planned to attend. 
It's called the Cornvention and it is the annual meeting of the North Dakota Corn Growers Association.  Yes, you guessed it, there you can learn lots about growing corn in North Dakota.
(Click HERE for a video on how we harvest corn on our farm.)
However, there is something going on in our lives that has temporarily taken precedence over corn.
We're giving the Wilson family farm house a makeover. 
This requires us to make approximately 80,000 little decisions that when they come together will create a new home for our family.
Yesterday we tackled some decisions about cabinets and flooring.
There is some irony here. As we were skipping out on the Cornvention (gasp!), we discovered that Mohawk (which, to my knowledge, is a branch of DuPont) has a new line of carpet.
It's called SmartStrand Silk.
It is THE SOFTEST carpet I have ever touched.  Softer than my daughter's favorite teddy bear!
AND the best part is that it is made from CORN!!!
The same corn we grow in our fields!  We have have 79,999 more decisions to make, but I'm pretty sure we're sold on this carpet :)
Thanks for stopping by! And if we missed you at the Cornvention, we'll see you next year!
Sarah :)

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  1. I have this carpet and LOVE IT!!!!

    Super easy to clean.....there was an incident with a bottle of red wine that ended up ALL over the carpet and with some water and a little bit of elbow grease and it came out and you can not even tell that it happened.