Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sun Dogs and Soybeans on the Prairie

Last week, Jeremy and I headed to Fargo, ND for the Northern Soybean Expo, which is the annual meeting of the North Dakota Soybean Growers Association and North Dakota Soybean Council.

We were looking forward to an exciting day of learning, networking, and spending time together as a farm and family management team.  I'm calling it a "working date" :)

On the way, we got to witness something we've never seen before.  Now, I'm fairly new to sun dogs, so they're all new and exciting to me, but when Jeremy, who grew up on the prairie, said he'd never seen anything like it, I knew I was witnessing something REALLY special.

The biggest Sun Dogs EVER!

What's a Sun Dog? Check out this link for more information:

Usually when we see Sun Dogs, it's simply two small rainbows on either side of the sun.  But this was spectactular.

There was a full ring around the sun.

There was even a full SECOND ring around the sun!
It gets cold here on the prairie. Really, really cold, but seeing things like this makes enduring negative 10 degrees (with a 35 degree below windchill) well worth it!
Brrr...That lip balm I got at the Soybean Expo (which is made from soybeans we grow)
sure is going to come in handy!
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Sarah :)

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